Making a Difference One Step at a Time

Plan, Plan, Plan

Our plan was hold a fashion show using the runway at Fashion Show Mall to advocate the cause and collect donations from viewers and passer-byers. (If that is even a word.) Unfortunately, after intensive research and many headache induced moments, Kristen and I finally received a reply about our inquiries for using the runway at Fashion Show. We were told that to rent the runway, it costs a shocking $1,000 to $10,000. Kristen and I are not by any means wealthy. We are still in high school and our funding is fairly limited. Thus, our Fashion Show plan failed. Luckily, we had several alternative options in mind. We plan to host a 50/50 Raffle at our school. Students will purchase a raffle ticket for $1.00. At the end our raffle, the winner of the raffle will receive half of the money that we raised. For instance, if we raise $200, the winner will get $100. To ensure that we aren’t losing money, we plan to ask businesses if they will match donations. So, if we did happen to raise $200, another company like Starbucks will donate $200 as well.



Following the past four years in high school, Samantha and I have obtained a greater appreciation for service because of Key Club. As an officer and member, we have been involved in various events that help better the community. For our senior project, we have decided to host events to raise funds for the Eliminate Project. Kiwanis International and UNICEF developed the project in order to assist mothers and children with maternal and neonatal tetanus. Samantha and I are in the process of planning an ice skating night and a movie night for the project. We hope to be able to sell the tickets at school and to obtain 100% of the profits in order to donate to the victims. In addition, we are contacting companies to inquire about a match donation program because our goal is to raise $1500 to save 833 lives. In order to save a life, it only requires $1.80; therefore, it is affordable for students and teachers to make a difference.


For only $1.80, mothers are provided with three immunization shots that make them and their babies immune to maternal and neonatal tetanus.